Mo’ Money, Mo’ Paying Attention…

An interesting thing happened this morning. I had a pre-interview for a potential new job. You know, the phone call where they try to discern if they should even bring you in for an interview by ruling you out as an axe murderer and in as someone that can string together two coherent sentences. A pre-interview. I faltered a little at first but quickly gained my footing and after covering the logistical basics of the position, I was asked if I had any questions. Yes, I did have questions. I wanted to know about my potential new colleagues, the flow of work, and the pay scale. Yup. I asked about the money in the pre-interview. This should not be interesting, surprising or noteworthy but unfortunately, for me, it is. I’ve applied for jobs not knowing the salary and have even left interviews (for jobs that I wanted!) without discussing the pay. What?! I know. There’s been a noticeable lack of “Show me the money!” thinking in my life. In the past, my tendency has incorrectly been to associate money with greed and shallowness. Like a good liberal feminist, I’ve operated from the place of: If I do what I love, the money will follow. I still think this is partially true. However, I’m reading more lately about budgeting, finances etc. and realizing that I’ve been negligent in giving $$$ it’s proper place.

“Make money a CENTRAL priority. This has nothing to do with greed and consumption, and everything to do with life force and power. In their right place, priorities do not consume, they enhance. This isn’t about fixating on money or hinging your self-worth on your hedge fund. IT’S ABOUT FOCUSING ON CREATING FREEDOM.”-Danielle La Porte

Boom. Duh! Right, of course. I’ve decided to commit to being more attentive to money- my money and “money” in the most general sense (who makes it, how people are spending it and why etc). I’m realizing its value as I make a career transition (read: leaving a job with a secure pay check) and move towards something more financially ambiguous. This is not about holding on too tight, hoarding or clinging to money. Ideas of scarcity, fear or anxiety around money won’t serve anyone. Thankfully, I’ve always naturally come more from a place of abundance, ease and generosity with money- despite the balance reflected in my bank account. This next step is about balancing these beliefs while honoring the power, and more accurately, the freedom, I can get from giving finances their due place at the table.

Next week: Photos from my long weekend in Chicago…which begins in a few hours. So excited!  Have a great weekend everyone!