Then spring turned into summer…


I have been meaning to post. I have missed writing. It keeps me observant and awake in the world. More importantly, it keeps me connected to myself.

I have not written because I’ve been doing wonderfully summery activities like outdoor concerts, beach picnics and  fruit picking. Yes, June has just barely arrived but summer in Southern California is in full swing. It comes in fits and starts. Sometimes it shows up for a week in October.  Or surprises us with shorts and tank tops sunset walks on Christmas. Really, it’s sort of an eternal summer here.

So, the fruit picking. This is something I’ve only recently stumbled into but I love it.  It’s beautiful, relaxing and desperately makes me want a yard for gardening. It’s fun to get out of the city and get a little dirty. I also love knowing where my food comes from….the more I cook, the better I want to understand the source of my ingredients.

The fruit picking has lead to baking and lazy weekends conjuring up delicious recipes. First, came the strawberries. The strawberry field, in the summer heat, smelled like strawberry pie. Truly. I wanted to take a nap in these strawberry pie fields. Later in the day after picking, I made my own strawberry summer cake. This scent from the fields followed me home and filled my apartment. That’s half the fun of baking. The smells! The smells and that first out of the oven too hot for your mouth but you take a bit anyway moment. Delicious. Here’s a photo of just many of the many baskets I filled…


Next time I’ll post about the cherries and include the easiest and most delicious pie recipe.