Rainy day holla!

I’m captive today. Surrendered my car to a mechanic this morning with hopes of picking it up sometime tomorrow afternoon. Then, shortly after getting back home, the rain started. I’m quite certain the rain came to ensure that I stay inside, blanketed and on the couch today.  Just when it looked like spring….R and I have been talking of gardening, bbq’s (yes, we now officially live in the suburbs- more on this adjustment later) and then, just like that, the sky opens up and pours out the last of winter. I love it. I wish we’d get more rain. I love finally living in a (slightly) cooler climate with the occasional rainstorm. It’s been so nice working from home today, with my coffee and stormy soundtrack. Here’s my week in photos- mostly from a weekend bike ride and a few neighborhood beach walks. A little taste of the central coast (yes, it was sunny all week until today):   photo 2-1 photo 2-2 photo 3 photo 3-1 photo 4 photo 5

And…. in a surprising burst of weekend baking energy: I made a challah on Sunday! Holla! Used the Smitten Kitchen recipe! So easy and delicious. This has inspired to make more bread. It’s so satisfying. Will let you know how it goes!

photo 1-2