Ready, Set, Go!

I woke up, quite unexpectedly, wonderfully early this morning. I’m not sure what time but I just seemed to be awake. Not groggy, restless middle of the night awake. Just simply awake. Rested and calm. I finally got out of bed around quarter to 7 and had the loveliest morning. The sun was just coming up and it fills the living room with great morning light. I’ve never been awake for this before, or at least never noticed it. I made tea, meditated (what what! haven’t done this in over a month), did a little yoga and journaled. Bliss. My day can only be awesome now-which is extra nice because I’ve been fighting a cold this last week.

A belated Happy New Year and 2015 to everyone! I have been on hiatus since the fall due to a move, new job, weddings, holidays, more weddings, travel etc. The end of 2014 was a whirlwind but in a great way. I’m settled in now to my new place and plan to pop in here more frequently. Cheers!